• A quick look at the Ray Legacy

    A brief look at the William Ray Family tree, Rayd Crest and history of the Ray Name. Also some family pictures and grave markers are included.

  • Don't forget the Hardins

    The Ashe County Hardins through John G. Hardin and grandma Zola played an influencial role in the Roger Hardin Ray family and his legacy.
    This is a picture of Aunt Gertrude's farmhouse which sits on the original John G. Hardin homestead.

  • Ashe County, NC

    A brief history of Ashe County, NC including a look at the New River Basin. Also a peek at a couple of Ray Art Exhibits.

  • Gloria's early memoirs

    Tell Me Your Memories

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Reason Magazine
Free Minds and Free Markets

The World's Most Private Search Engine


A sometimes amusing, often cynical (of the established orthodoxy - governmental and religious alike) perhaps, critical outlook on the world around us. The poetry spans the years from high school through later adulthood. The short stories are a sometimes amusing recollection of past incidents -or perhaps, as they ought to have happened. Truth or fiction, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the many pages and study some of the thought-provoking articles and essays that I have had the wonderful pleasure of contempating throughout the years.


Jim and Amanda

A Barmen With Amanda

Breakfast of Champions

It's a family tradition: Poptarts and Beer

The Bongino Report

ICANNs Registrants Benefits and Responsibilities

ICANN's Registrant Educational Information


  • Jim's Blog

    Some occasional thoughts, ramblings and maybe even a rant now and again.
    What's on your mind?


  • Cosmos Clouds

    A collection of verse featuring
    The Ballad of Wedding Belle
    and the musical,
    I, Peter

  • The Sir Arthur Annals

    My Brother who would be Sherlock

    Book I

    Book II and Book III available

  • What Can You Say About Fate?

    A Novella
    Innocence Betrayed