The Hardins

  • They are: Garrett and Lottie (twins), Henry H. Hardin, wife Callie Oliver, John Baker and Carl.
    Henry is an older brother of John G. Hardin (Zola's father).
    Henry is the grandfather of William and Tom (David/Buckwheat's father).
    They took possession of Henry's place (across from the Green Ready mix plant).
    Lottie married Walter Burkett which explains why Buckwheat was always with Walter.

  • Hardin Family Crest

    Hardin Family Crest.
    History of the Hardin surname.

  • Fannie Hardin, John G. Hardin, and Lauretta Hardin

    A Hardin Kaleidoscope

    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    Part IV

  • These are the flags that were used and carried throughout the Civil War by North Carolina troops.

    Ashe County Hardins

    The fate of the Hardins during the War of Northern Aggression


Some Family Markers around Beaver Creek, NC

Some markers

There are two Hardin Cemetries in The Beaver Creek community of Ashe Count North Carolina about one mile apart. One is called Hardin Cemetery and the oldest is called by three names (Hardin-Ray-Duncan) (Duncan-Hardin-Ray) and (Ray-Hardin-Duncan). Henry Hardin & Catherine Cox is buried here and is one of the oldest markers there.
The other Hardin Cemetery was started by one of Henry's sons, RT Richard Toliver Hardin

Other markers

at the Hardin / Ray cemetery in Beaver Creek

Henry Hardin Family

Henry Hardin was born September 18, 1765

John G. Hardin Geneology

1900 Census

Mica Mine

Mica Mine located on Aunt Gertrude's farm
- John G. Hardin's original homestead.