Research Material and Links

Federal Reserve Publications

The ABCs of Figuring Interest
Controlling Interest
Electronic Money
The Fed: Our Central Bank
Modern Money Mechanics
Money Matters: The American Experience with Money
Public Debt: Private Asset
The Two Faces of Debt

The Banker's Manifesto (1892)
The Banker's Manifesto (1934)

Links to Laws and Codes

Federal Rules of Evidence: (FRE) or (This link is more current)
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: (FRCP) or (This link is more current)
Uniform Commercial Code: (UCC) or Google Search
United States Code: (USC) or or download here
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: (FDCPA)
Fair Credit Billing Act: (FCBA) or Another link
Truth in Lending Act: (TILA) and Another Link
List of General Consumer Credit Acts: or Download file: Document Download