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  • The 8-Ball Book

    by the Monk
    Why 8-Ball? Most amateurs choose 8-ball. So when you think of the forty million pool players in this country, you realize why 8-ball is the most popular game in pool today. The advent of all the 8-ball leagues, it is no wonder. In a league setting, 8-ball is a much better game than 9-ball. Master these principles to elevate your game to the highest level.

  • Draw Shot Physics

    Draw Shot Physics Part I
    Draw Shot Physics Part II
    Draw Shot Physics Part III
    Draw Shot Physics Part IV

  • I Came To Win

    by the Monk
    This will be the of attitude that will serve you for the rest of your competitive life. Those who come to win are the ones who walk away with the prize. The best players do not always win tournaments. The ones with the right attitude, an attitude towards winning, reach the final four. It is this skill, attitude skill, that helps them take the first place trophy.

  • Easy Pool Tutor

    Step-by-Step Pool Lessons. Comprehensive information about learning and playing pocket billiards. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced pool player, you can find plenty of good instructional articles here. Lessons are broken down into different topics from basic lessons (Aiming, Basic Shot Making, Advanced Shot Making, Basic Fundamentals) to more advanced topics (The Break, Playing Advanced Position, Playing Safety, English or Side Spin, Banks, Kicks & Diamond Systems) plus Practice Drills and determining your Skill Rating. There's also a topic about the Mental Game, Game Rules plus articles dealing with Choosing the right equipment and Maintaining your equipment as well as Miscellaneous articles related to playing the game of pool.

Myrtle Beach, SC

After winning the Phoenix TAP Master's Tournament in 2007 team Lyfs Suyt was off to Myrtle Beach for the TAP Nationals November 4th, 2007.

Here is our team posing in front of the Sheraton where the TAP Nationals were held.